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From gin enthusiast to gin expert.

This extensive course includes everything you need to take your gin knowledge from enthusiast to expert. Whether you're already working in the industry (i.e bartender or work for a gin distillery) or are just an avid gin drinker who wants to know more about the tipple you love the most! This course is designed to help anyone at any level of learning (Beginner or advanced) With any style of learning (Whether you prefer videos or text)
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What/Who is this course designed for?

  • Bartenders looking to improve their gin knowledge for better tips, customer experiences and work opportunities

  • Anyone working for a gin distillery or brand

  • The home-bartender looking to improve there cocktail repertoire

  • Unique birthday/anniversary/Christmas present for someone

  • Anyone interested in the history of gin and how it's made

  • Someone looking to add to there CV

  • If you're wanting to learn about gin but find it difficult sifting through the web trying to figure out what's fact and fiction

  • Anyone interested in knowing how to make classic cocktails

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Course curriculum

What we will cover in this exclusive gin course

  • 1

    Welcome to the course!

    • Introduction

    • How to use this course

    • Before we begin...

  • 2

    How Gin Is Made

    • Fermentation and Distillation Basics

    • Fermentation and Distillation quiz

    • Gin making methods - Maceration.

    • Gin making methods - re-distillation

    • Shelf compounded flavours

    • Gin production quiz

  • 3


    • Most popular Gin botanicals explained

    • 10 most Popular gin botanicals

    • Gin Bontanical Quiz

  • 4

    Gin styles explained

    • Genever

    • Old Tom Gin

    • London Dry Gin

    • Plymouth gin

    • New world gin

    • Pink Gin

    • Gin style Quiz

  • 5

    The History of gin

    • Introduction to the history of gin

    • Gin history 1560s - 1714

    • Early days of Gin quiz

    • 1720’s - 1760’s | The gin craze

    • Gin history 1830s - Today

    • Recent days of gin quiz

  • 6

    Gin cocktail Recipes

    • Introduction

    • Gin bar shopping list and equipment

    • Gin masterclass shopping list

    • Bee's Knees Recipe

    • Negroni Recipe

    • Southside Recipe

    • White Lady

    • How to make sugar syrup

    • Tom Collins Recipe

    • Gin Cocktails quiz

  • 7

    Before you go...

    • More resources for you!

    • Before you go...


  • Do I need any previous gin knowledge for this course?

    No, this course is suited for everyone, no matter what level you're at. whether you're a professional or total beginner.

  • When does it start and finish?

    This gin masterclass is a self-paced online course, so it’s up to you when you start and finish.

  • How long does it take to complete?

    That depends how fast you learn! I recommend splitting up the course as it's a lot to go through in one sitting. If you complete "how gin is made" "botanicals" one day. Then the gin styles and history another day and each cocktail recipe a day at a time. Then it will take you 7 days to complete the course.

  • I don't work in a bar or have any bartender/cocktail knowledge. Will I still be able to follow along with the cocktail recipe videos?

    Yes you will! I have included a shopping list and equipment needed to make all these cocktails. I've also included substitutes for bartender gear you may not have.

  • How does it work?

    When you purchase the course you will be asked to create an account. After that you can use your account to log in and continue with the course at your own pace. You will have access to the course for 30 days. During which time, you can go back and forth or re take the course as much as you like!

  • Have a question unanswered?

    Email me at and I will respond to your query ASAP

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